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The Barberton region offers tourists a host of attractions and things to do — from adventure activities to hiking and leisurely drives. The Barberton Tourism Office will help you decide how to spend your time here.

MTPA reserves:

Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency is custodian of a number of reserves in the region. Of particular importance is the 49 000 ha. Songimvelo Nature Reserve that nestles in the south-western portion of the Barberton Greenstone Belt.

Other nature reserves:

Mountainlands Nature Reserve, Nkomazi Nature Reserve, Barberton Nature Reserve, Malolotja Nature Reserve over the border in Swaziland and several smaller reserves protecting rare flora are within easy reach of Barberton.

Historic Sites:

Barberton town has a number of historic buildings including a blockhouse from the Anglo-Boer War, well-preserved Victorian wood and corrugated iron homes and the De Kaap Stock exchange. There is also the Garden of Remembrance that commemorates those who fell in the Anglo-Boer War, and a cemetery with the graves of those who died in the concentration camp during the Anglo-Boer War.

Things to do in Barberton:

Barberton town offers the visitor a heritage walk through the town; a pleasant meander with opportunities to stop for refreshment along the way. The museum showcases the early history of the region. Adjacent to the museum is an area called The Central Mill. The colourful and vibrant cultural background of Barberton where gold was discovered in 1884 gives The Central Mill, a unique character. Less than 2% of the world’s gold can be classed as “old gold” and the gold found near Barberton is mined from the most ancient rocks on the planet, formed 3.5 billion years ago. This unique metal is now brought to light by a new generation of African artists at Umjindi Jewellery.

The Pilgrim & Crown Gallery displays, markets and sells a unique range of jewellery exclusively manufactured in precious metal on site. The jewellery contains the very essence and spirit of the African continent. The Central Mill is ideally situated on the Barberton Heritage Walk and boasts The Pilgrim & Crown Gallery, Barberton Curiosities, a curio shop of Barberton and The Royal Feather Restaurant, a Continental Espresso Bar and Eatery.

A well-illustrated guidebook to the geotrail, written by Tony Ferrar and Professor Christoph Heubeck, is available from the Barberton Museum in Pilgrim Street as well as at the Barberton Tourism office in Barberton.