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The trail between Barberton and the Josefsdal/ Bulembu border post into Swaziland has a number of laybys at significant geological and view sites. There is a dry toilet at the 25.3km Lebombo Viewsite.


Although not far, you should allow at least 6 hours for the trail if you intend to read the interpretation panels at most of the sites and enjoy the views. If you have a real interest in the geology of the trail, a whole day with a picnic lunch would be a good allocation.


~ 40 kilometres. Please drive slowly! The road is narrow, winding and sometimes carries significant traffic including timber-hauling trucks. There are also frequent falls of small rocks into the road. These are caused by rainfall and by baboons scrambling about looking for food.

Geosites & views:

The trail has a series of vividly illustrated panels at the geosites that explore and interpret for the layman, and in a little more detail for those of a geological bent, some of the key elements of the Barberton Greenstone Belt. They attempt to visualise how scientists think that long-ago Earth may have looked; to bring the Archaean eon to life and to explain how the landscape became what it is today; to reveal the significance of place. There are also several view panels that identify and interpret some of the key features of the landscape.

Visually impaired

Whilst we cannot at this stage adapt the entire interpretation of the trail for the visually and aurally impaired, we do have at the Lebombo Makhonjwa View, a Braille panel that outlines the story of the Barberton Greenstone Belt, and a sequence of textured rocks with Braille labels that realize through touch, some of the key geological elements encapsulated within the trail.

There are picnic sites at Greenstone, Lebombo Makhonjwa View and the Volcanic lapilli sites.

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