A well-illustrated guidebook to the geotrail, written by Tony Ferrar and Professor Christoph Heubeck, is available from the Barberton Museum in Pilgrim Street as well as at the Barberton Tourism office in Barberton.

The Barberton area offers a host of activities for the tourist. To learn more, visit the Barberton Tourism website: http://www.barberton.co.za/

Geologic Map of the West-Central Barberton Greenstone Belt, Compiled by: Donald R. Lowe, Gary R. Byerly and Christoph Heubeck. This 1:25,000 map (1 384 cm x 1 956 mm) covers 500 square kilometers of Archean rocks in the Barberton Greenstone Belt (BGB), South Africa—the oldest, best-preserved sedimentary and volcanic sequence on Earth.

Available from the Geological Society of America Bookstore.

Price $60 ($45 for members)